Tired of having always the same type of boring avatars? Do you need a profile picture for a special occasion like Halloween? Do you want to have a nice and fun avatar picture on your favourite social network, messenger or forum? Then you are in the right place. With our avatar creation tools, making your own an avatar has never been so easy.

Easy Avatars

At Framiq.com we have state of the art on-line avatar creation tools designed with ease of use in mind. Once the page is loaded they present you with an interface were you can start picking the body parts you fancy straight away. Just click the avatar building bits and see the result immediately. Once you are happy with the result, simply click on the save button to store your new profile picture in your own computer in any of the most commonly used formats available in the web.

Free Avatars

mangatar_20130715_022540You have thousands of free avatars bits to choose from. Each one of our avatar creation tools offers more different avatar combination that people have ever existed in Hearth. When building the avatar you can move from one tool to the other keeping the avatar built, so the number of possible combinations are endless!

vampiretar_20121114_212542As the result avatar is stored in your own computer you are free to use it any way you like, in any program or website you want, forever.

Different Avatars

mangatar_20121027_143944Our exclusive avatar designs are not only pleasant and nice looking but cover a wide range of subjects (and more will be coming) that are rarely available in other sites. If you want to stand out of the crowd, why not making a zombie avatar? Or a creating a Chthulu or Trekkie avatar? Or, if you are more of a classic, you can always make your own manga avatar.

Right now, with out avatar creation tools you are able to create:

Safe Avatars

navitar_20120627_202925The entire process of creating your new free profile picture is done on-line and without requesting any personal data. We will not ask you to install anything on your computer: no tool-bars and no downloading of executables. To access the free avatar creation tools you don’t need to provide any personal information either. The avatars will be sent as images or movies directly to your computer for you to do with them whatever you like.